March 2013: Wine and BNell!

Last March was the middle and so close to the end of the insanity that was writing my thesis.  My life was pretty much run, work, eat, work, sleep, run, stress fracture, work, work, eat….  You get the idea.  Based on the few photos I took though, I at least did two fun things!


First, I went to a wine release at King Estate with Ed, Maggie and Chantal.  I’ve been to King Estate a handful of times before, but I had never been back in the barrel room!  It was awesome!



Ed, Maggie, Chantal and I



The steel vats where the grapes are fermented.



The view from the patio



I’m impressed I manage to get a photo of the wine!  Normally I epically fail at taking pictures while at King Estate…




King Estate nights with those three were always the best.  I need to get to work finding some good wineries in California…I don’t think it will be too hard!

The second fun thing I did in March, I think only a few days before I turned my thesis in, was celebrate BNell’s birthday!  Chantal and I got Tyler to make an amazing German Chocolate cake.  Chantal and I then almost killed the cake due to some abrupt parking lot maneuvering.  Thankfully I just smeared a bunch of frosting on my shirt and the cake was saved!  Kara made a birthday dinner for Bryan, Chantal, ZK, Luke and I.  



Happy birthday, BNell!!








 I was a giant stress ball but it was nice to take a couple hours away from thesis writing to celebrate with Bryan.  It feels so good to think about my thesis now that it’s all over with! 🙂


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