Washburne Memorial State Park Hike

And…I’m back!  Moving and starting a new job definitely got the best of me.  I’m going to play the catchup game again, but I’ll probably mix in some more current stuff once I get some pictures uploaded.

Last February, my friends and I hit another day where we just needed to get out of the typical Eugene rain and grey skies.  Ed and Maggie are always taking Luke and Leia for long hikes, so Chantal and I jumped onto their plans for the day.  We all headed to Washburne Memorial State Park.  It’s a pretty short hike right near Florence and right off of Highway 101.  But…it’s a very cool hike, I think I did it two or three times while living in Oregon.  It was perfect for those days that you just wanted to get to the beach.


We started on the beach side…no rain!



Leia, Ed, Maggie and Chantal



It was still a bit chilly.



Chantal couldn’t wait one more second for her Marche sandwich.  I think she started eating it as soon as we hit the beach…













Next up was the forest -y, hobbit-y part of the hike.



Ed had a thorn-in-foot problem.  That’s what happens when you hike in Birkenstocks.  Only Ed.



Chantal found a lizard.





Ed, Maggie, Chantal and I



Chantal wanted to confirm that the trash was bear proof.


Man, I miss these people.   I really need to find some hiking places in the Sacramento area!

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