Alsea Falls Hiking Adventure

 Another one of those Sundays in Eugene where regardless of the rain, we just had to get outside!  This time we even got ZK to join us.  We all piled into Sheep the Eep and headed west of town to Alsea Falls.  


Chantal wore a poncho.



Alsea Falls



ZK, BNell, Chantal, Me and Kara  🙂



Poncho wearing and map reading





Sheep the Eep even did a touch of off roading


On the way home we were all a bit cold so the obvious answer was espresso milkshakes!!  Thank goodness for all of the drive up coffee stops in Oregon.  Wisconsin, what are you waiting for????  Now if I had actually written this in January when we did this, I would have remembered the amazing dinner we all cooked together afterward.  I know Chantal and I grilled something…  Pork shoulder maybe?  I think we invited the Glovzby’s over too.  Either way, I remember it was delicious and we drank old fashioneds.  🙂  One of the top Sacramento goals is definitely to find some grilling and hiking buddies, I’m not going to warn them about how much they have to live up to.


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