New Years 2012: The Last Coast Adventure

Just like the last few years, I spent New Year’s on the Oregon coast with some friends.  We headed back to Bandon for the second year in a row since it worked out so well the year before.  I landed in Eugene late on December 28th and ZK and I drove to Bandon the next morning in Sheep the eep.  I think Chantal and I are probably the only ones that call ZK’s jeep that…but it’s white and the J is missing from the front hood so what do you expect?  It was a great trip involving chocolate milk from Off the Waffle and cheez-its. 

As usual, there was a significant focus on food and drink for this trip.  It all started that first night with ZK and Ester making a delicious Chinese feast.  It really, really made me miss China!

IMG 0025

ZK hard at work frying the potstickers



IMG 0026

Ester making the potstickers


IMG 0027

Ed, Brooke and Maggie eagerly awaiting the potstickers


IMG 0028



IMG 0031

I was very interested in how Ester was making the potstickers.  It seemed pretty easy and they were so good, I want to try to make these sometime!

IMG 0032


IMG 0033


IMG 0037

Mmmmm…spicy sauce to dip them in


IMG 0036


IMG 0038

The rest of the Chinese feast!


IMG 0039

The group the first night: ZK, Eric, Brooke, Ed, Ester and Maggie  🙂


IMG 0040

Anyone have a guess about what my favorite part was?


The green beans.  Definitely the green beans.




IMG 0042

After dinner we retired to the living room.  Luke did not want to miss out on the couch fun.


IMG 0044

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the long weekend.  First, how did ZK actually fall sleep like that??   Second, look at how adorable Luke is!!


IMG 0045

The next morning Ed started right up with his famous Irish coffees.  Seriously, he makes them the best.


IMG 0047

Why stop with the Irish coffee though?  Let’s add a mimosa for good measure!  Obviously this also required me to add the water.  Maintain.


IMG 0048

As usual, Chantal was on breakfast duty.


IMG 0049



IMG 0050

This photo is too funny not to share.  What happened??


IMG 0051

He looks so happy being on dishes duty.


IMG 0052

Brooke, Maggie, Ed and Chantal enjoying the sunshine


IMG 0053

Our view


IMG 0055

Why wouldn’t we play Dominion outside?


IMG 0057

ZK and Chantal ready for a bike ride


IMG 0059

Brooke’s Mom sent an entire tupperware of amazing cookies.  Here is Eric eating the last one…we managed to finish them by the second day!  Oops.


IMG 0064

Chantal preparing a nacho snack


IMG 0065

Meanwhile, the sun was setting.


IMG 0067

The pulled pork nachos look beautiful!


IMG 0070

Brooke and Eric were in charge of dinner the second night.


IMG 0072

Chicken, mashed potatoes and salad.  Classic and delicious


IMG 0074

Rick, Tabby and Daniel made it for New Year’s Eve!  I loved Daniel’s turtle blanket.  🙂



IMG 0075


IMG 0078

Our New Year’s Eve feast


IMG 0079

The group: Ed, ZK, Chantal, Tabby, Rick, Eric, Brooke, Ester and Maggie


IMG 0080

Daniel got a little serenading





The weather was amazing on New Year’s Day.



Luke and Leia goofing around



Chantal found a jellyfish.







Happy New Year!



This marked the first day of Chantal’s push up challenge.  She decided she wanted to add one push up a day all year.  We pointed out that it might be difficult for her to say do 75 pushups in a row.  She amended the rules so that she just had to do the total number throughout the day, not all at one time.  This entertained us for awhile throughout the year…





IMG 0085

Haha.  Look at that hairdo!


IMG 0097



IMG 0096


IMG 0101

Chantal and I made lamb, falafel and pitas for our last night in Bandon.


IMG 0102

It was my first time making falafel.  I got the recipe from Patrick and it was amazing.


I will miss these New Year’s trips so so so so so much.  This year Ed and Maggie are going on a family trip and Chantal and I have both graduated and moved away.  😦  I know we’ll all find something fun to do instead but it will be very hard to compete with our coast trips!   


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