Chantal’s Last Eugene Birthday

Chantal had a birthday!  Planning for her birthday is always a little bit tricky since all of us are always gone for Christmas and then a bunch of us head to the coast for New Year’s and her birthday is January 4th.  But somehow we always manage!  I guess this year it will be much less complicated for her to figure out a plan.  🙂

We started out at Izakaya Meiji, the whiskey bar in Eugene.  The wait was LONG and our party was big but the bar was awesome and let us hang out on the patio with drinks while we waited.





Well…more people are looking but obviously not the best quality photo here.



Again…not a good photo but delicious food nonetheless: spicy garlic shrimp, edamame and fries!



Tyler made an AMAZING cake for Chantal.  I think it was something along the lines of espresso chocolate.  YUMMMMMMMM.


A group of us continued the party at Sixteen Tons after dinner, Chantal went home to bed.  🙂  I think the early bedtime helped make it a really good birthday for her and at least Jacques was there to keep her company.  



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