Christmas Vacation 2012

Apparently my Christmas break last year was just too much fun to really take any pictures.  I do like the three I did manage to take, so I’m posting them anyway!

2012 12 02 16 55 47 648

Meet Jacques.  He was Chantal and my Christmas tree this year.  After Christmas Chantal put him in a pot and he lived on our patio.  When we moved out of the apartment I managed to fit Jacques into my car and move him to the Elliotts, where I was staying for my last week in town.  He got stuck in my car though and had to ride around with me for a day before ZK was able to rescue him.  Poor Jacques.  I don’t think he gets to move to Sacramento like I was hoping, I’m afraid he will just be stuck in my car when I get there.  There won’t be a ZK there to rescue him!  Plus I would have to carry him up a flight of stairs…


The one photo I took at our annual friends Christmas: Jill, Liz, Renee, Meg, Lindsay and me.  Just missing Ju and Steph!

2012 12 28 09 44 10 30

JZ came over for a visit with Majorpants!  I love this picture, pure joy!


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